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About Speakers Club

The goal of the speaking requirement is to help our students improve their speaking ability. We expect students to present a well-organized, coherent talk with a logical flow to their arguments. Clarity of presentation is paramount. The Speakers Club will maintain high standards, and has the expectation that a successful talk will be on par with a good job talk. "In particular, the speaker should strive for clarity of presentation without substantially compromising the technical material presented".

The talk should be approximately 40-45 minutes and accessible to a general CS audience (the specialized seminars' audiences should accommodate speakers accordingly.)

If you want to schedule for the Student Seminar Series, please send email to to reserve your talk slot. Availability information can be viewed at

Please refer to the PhD Document at


Before Your Talk

  1. At least 3 weeks before your presentation, go to the Speakers Club Calendar, select an open day and fill out and submit the form. (If you do this, we will do our absolute best to ensure that members from the speaker's club will attend. It is our intention that this be thought of as a guarantee which will be violated only in exceptional situations.)
  2. Notices will be posted to the SCS Calendar and emailed to cs-students, cs-friends, cs-visitors.
  3. You will be notified by the system periodically about the status of your talk.
  4. Print one copy of the evaluation form for each attending Speakers Club member. Be sure to fill in your name, date, title, and name of reviewer on each page.
  5. You should practice your talk before presenting.

At the Talk

  1. Pass out the forms to the Speakers Club members at your talk.
  2. Your talk will be videotaped

After the Talk

  1. The speaker leaves the room and waits for the Speakers Club members attending to meet privately and quickly come to consensus on the outcome (pass or try again). If at least two faculty members and one graduate student member of the Speakers Club grade the student's talk to be "Good" or better, then the student passes. If the student needs to try again, one of the faculty Speakers Club members volunteers to be the Point Person to see the student through to the next step.
  2. Each attending Speakers Club member fills out an evaluation form.
  3. The student is given their tape to watch privately to critique their talk.
  4. When the signed forms are received by the student, the student delivers them to Deb Cavlovich for placement in the student's file.
* Suggestions for this page should be addressed to Deb Cavlovich.
** As with writing, speaking well takes practice. Satisfying this requirement might take a few tries on the student's part. For students who are naturally good speakers or are already experienced speakers, one try may suffice. No stigma is attached to those who have to try more than once.